Attractions in Sheffield

Located outside of the city, Attractions in Sheffield, UK near Sheffield Arena require a quick supertram ride to nearby destinations. Outside of the city center also lays the remains of the Sheffield Manor Lodge and Deer Park. Originally inhabited during the Saxon era, the site offers guests the opportunity of exploring 14 acres that include the Discovery Center and gateway to the site. Walk around scenic gardens and the ruins of the manor lodge, which once served as one of the grandest homes in the country. The Turret House, constructed in 1547, is the oldest intact building on the property. Stop in at the Heritage Training Center where staff teach historic skills used for centuries.

Venturing to the city center, visitors often tour the Sheffield Cathedral, the oldest building in the community. Though stones in the east wall come from early Norman churches dating back to the 11th and 12th centuries, the oldest parts of the church that include the east wall, spire and tower date to the early 1400s. Constructed in the shape of a cross, the cathedral features a number of chapels and sanctuaries. The southeast corner of the church features a collection of Tudor monuments constructed in the 15th century that were dedicated to the various Earls of Shrewsbury and their families. The 1554 Gallery houses a collection of medieval stained glass and tombs bearing traditional armory shields.

The Winter Garden is one of the largest glasshouses constructed in the country in the last century. The massive complex features an impressive exterior with a series of stacked and tiered glass arches. The interior of the structure houses thousands of plants from all over the world. Caretakers change out plants five times throughout the year, which keeps the attraction appealing. The dedicated care plants receive include hand watering and tending.

Tudor Square lies in the city center and contains the largest conglomeration of theatres outside of London. The collection of theatres offers a variety of live entertainment from ballets and concerts to plays and stand-up comedy. One of the local theatres includes the iconic Lyceum, which for decades hosted Christmas pantomime productions performed by world famous entertainers.

The Kelham Island Industrial Museum in Sheffield recants the industrial revolution in the city. Visiting the museum, guests have the opportunity of seeing historic steel making equipment in action along with artisans recreating century's old skills that include making cutlery and surgical instruments.