Dining in Sheffield

Mud Crab Diner
The mud crab diner is one of the top places to eat at in Sheffield for hamburgers. The six-stack burger is one of the top selections that people enjoy when they eat at this low-key place. The margaritas are another hit at the Mud Crab Diner. The chili beef brisket is another top choice on the menu at the Mud Crab Diner. The custom-made burgers are a major attraction for this restaurant, and its chic interior simply adds to the ambience.

Mama's & Leonie's
When you are looking for a hearty meal to enjoy before a theatre show, eating at Mama's & Leonie's is a great option. Ever since the restaurant opened in 1968 as the first pizzeria in Sheffield, it has continued to thrive as the most popular pizza joint in town. The restaurant offers fabulous deep-dish pizzas and delicious cappuccinos. Whether you are heading out for a night on the town or just want somewhere to enjoy some dessert, this is a lovely place to dine. The restaurant continues to be a trendy place for young people in Sheffield.

ArtHouse Cafe
When you are looking for an affordable place to eat a quick sandwich, ArtHouse Cafe is the place to go. Located right behind a charming chapel in Sheffield, the restaurant is known for offering healthy options at low prices. The Yorkshire chorizo is one of the top-selling items on the menu. Locals love to stop at the ArtHouse Cafe for its freshly baked bread and homemade butter. This cute cafe will have you coming back for more during your stay in Sheffield.

Cow and Calf
If you want to take a break at a relaxing pub, this is the place to go. The pub features live music on weekends, and the crowd is mostly local college students. You can enjoy a beer for only a few dollars during happy hour at this pub. The waitstaff is known for being very friendly and hospitable.

Canton Orchard
Canton Orchard is one of the beloved treasures of Sheffield. This restaurant offers fabulous breakfasts that even the pickiest of children will love. The pancakes are one of the top-selling items on the menu for kids. The omelette and blueberry muffins make this restaurant a worthwhile visit during one's time in the city. Canton Orchard has a very comfy atmosphere and is a nice place for families to unwind.