Shopping in Sheffield

Antique collectors will enjoy visiting the shops located on Harwood Street. Harwood Street is located about seven minutes south of Sheffield Arena. It features many antique stores and thrift shops that offer patrons a chance to search for unique and odd items.

Antique collectors enjoy visiting these stores because they offer patrons the chance to find collectable lithographs, china, furniture, jewelry and pottery. Be sure to visit these stores during the middle of the week to avoid the crowds that gather during holidays and weekends.

Meadow Hall Centre offers patrons more than 40 shops and stores. Meadow Hall Centre is located about 10 minutes south of Sheffield Arena. It is home to several clothing stores, electronics shops and shoe stores. It is also home to several locally owned shops that sell books, newspapers and everything needed for traveling. Most of these stores are open each day from about 10:30 a.m. until 8 p.m. for your convenience.

The Forum offers patrons an eclectic mix of contemporary stores. The Forum is located 15 minutes southwest of Sheffield Arena near the University of Sheffield. It features 25 stores that sell contemporary fashions and music. The Forum is a popular destination for young people because it offers patrons new fashions and music that you can't find elsewhere in Sheffield.

Be sure to visit the thrift stores located on Fulwood Road. Fulwood Road is located about five minutes west of Sheffield Arena. Many locals visit the area to explore the thrift stores that dot the area.

Exploring the thrift shops located on Fulwood Road is fun because they offer patrons an amazing selection of used books, clothes, sporting goods and home furnishings. Be sure to visit these stores during the weekend to see how much fun it can be to search for interesting stuff with locals who enjoy searching for unusual items.

Be sure to visit the Bradfield Village Mall farmers market to sample Sheffield's locally made foods. Bradfield Village Mall is located twelve minutes west of Sheffield Arena. It is home to a farmers market that offers patrons produce, baked goods, cheeses and other locally produced foods. Visiting the Bradfield Village Mall farmers market is fun because it hosts regular cooking demonstrations that can help you learn how to use locally produced foods to create tasty appetizers, entrees and desserts.

Finally, the stores located on High Street offer shoppers many upscale shopping options. High Street is a major transportation hub located 15 minutes northwest of Sheffield Arena. It features several upscale clothing stores, food shops, jewelry stores and home furnishing stores. These stores are popular because they showcase Europe's latest fashions beautifully inside some of Sheffield's oldest buildings.